UTV Tracks, Camoplast & Camso UTV Tracks in Wyoming

Putting Camso tracks on your vehicle in Wyoming can transform your experience in work or play. One of the best things about these tracks is that you don't need snow to use them. You can navigate through drifts on south-facing slopes where snow has melted or blown off, or on north-facing sides with more snow. While we love our snowmobiles, tracks on our UTVs have revolutionized where and how we can go.

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Why UTV tracks are so valuable in Wyoming

Camso tracks on UTV

Wyoming is a high-altitude region, even at its lowest point (3099 feet above sea level) it is still considered a high country. The average elevation is around 6700 feet, which means there is always snow for any recreation. It is unclear if the elevation is responsible for the strong winds and resulting snow drifts. The snow in Wyoming can be deep and unpredictable, with some areas requiring snow fences to protect against drifting. Having Camso tracks in Wyoming is a must for any UTV enthusiast.

Snow Fences and UTV Tracks

Snow fences are peculiar structures because they don't actually trap the snow, they only slow down the wind so that the snow drifts behind the fence. These fences are used to prevent snow from blocking roads or impairing drivers' visibility. Ranchers also use them to direct water to specific areas. Even during summer, you can see these snow fences throughout Wyoming. Snowmobiles are great for riding on snow, but not on dry or frozen ground, while trucks are good on dry or frozen roads, but struggle with snow drifts. Neither snowmobiles nor trucks are suitable for deep slushy snow or mud. But, the Camso tracks on UTVs can solve this issue. Snow fences can provide a fun playground for tracked UTVs in Wyoming, where there are many miles of snow fences.

The Cows/Sheep, Cabin, or Remote Fishing Hole?

If you need year-round access to places with large snow drifts, having a UTV with tracks can make it easier to get there. Even when the snow melts and becomes slush or creates mud holes, the Camso tracks make traveling through this terrain easier. You still need to watch the weather, but having tracks on your UTV allows you to go where you want to go more frequently. When the terrain dries out, you can switch to wheels on your UTV and often travel faster than in a truck. Snowmobiling to check on animals may be quicker, but a tracked UTV can be more convenient, especially if you have more than one person. It's also more cost-effective than multiple snowmobiles.

When UTV tracks still need help

Camso tracks provide ample floatation and forward traction, but they do have their limitations. When the road is carved into the side of a mountain or hill, the wind can fill in the top cut with snow, effectively eliminating the road. In these scenarios, your UTV tracks may simply slide off the road. Attempting steep sidehilling on UTV tracks is not recommended, as the pull of gravity will likely cause the UTV to get stuck, with the tracks struggling to go forward.

The Super Cool Places You Can Go with Camso Tracks:

There are many miles of groomed and ungroomed snowmobile trails in Wyoming that are accessible with your UTV on tracks. It can be more fun to ride with someone else rather than being on your own snowmobile.

Black Hills:

Although Wyoming only has 55 miles of groomed trails, they connect to the 1500 miles of the South Dakota Black Hills Snowmobile trail system. Although this part of Wyoming doesn't receive as much snow as other parts, it still gets enough to make the Black Hills a huge playground.

Cokeville to Alpine Junction:

This area, also known as Smiths Fork or Southwest Wyoming, has amazing snowmobile trails in its majestic countryside. You'll need to carry extra gas for this loop, at least we do on our UTVs. These backcountry groomed snowmobile trails are breathtakingly beautiful, but be careful of the avalanche danger. Some areas are marked as wintering areas for big game and cannot be accessed, but there is still so much country to explore. Afton, Wyoming, is located in the middle, but the mountains are too big to go there directly. You'll have to go around.

 we can just go there halfway.  Nope the mountains are too big and you have to go around.

The Continental Divide Snowmobile Trails in Wyoming:

Discover the wonders of public land with over 600 miles of snowmobile trails that are perfect for your UTV with Camso tracks. With the option to venture off the groomed trails, you can have a unique and exciting UTV adventure.

Yellowstone National Park:

Experience the beauty of Yellowstone National Park with your UTV equipped with Camso tracks. While you need to stay on the roads, the added speed and capability of your UTV will allow you to keep pace with snowmobiles and explore all the hot pots and geysers that the park has to offer.

Bighorn Mountains and Snow Range:

The Bighorn Mountains and Snow Range boast vast groomed snowmobile trail systems that are ideal for your UTV with Camso tracks. Although I have yet to explore these mountains, I imagine they would be an incredible experience. Although I am not sure about the specific rules and how much off-trail exploration is allowed, having tracks on your UTV is the perfect way to tackle these terrains.

Having Camso tracks on your UTV in Wyoming is a smart choice to maximize the enjoyment of the state's natural beauty. The tracks make work easier and enhance the fun factor of your UTV. Our experience with a Tracked UTV has made it much simpler to reach cabins in the mountains. In conclusion, Camso tracks on your UTV in Wyoming make a noticeable difference in the overall experience.