UTV Tracks, Camoplast & Camso UTV Tracks in Michigan

Camso tracks are designed to excel in various terrains, including sand, mud, snow, and ice. These tracks are suitable for recreational, industrial, and military off-road applications. In states where winter temperatures drop below zero, it's essential to be prepared for harsh weather conditions. Many UTV enthusiasts enjoy exploring mountains in the snow, and the best solution for these winter adventurers is to install Camso tracks on their vehicles. Quality is the top priority for customers in Michigan.

The durability, excellent traction, and versatility in off-road driving allow you to conquer even the most challenging mountain terrains. Additionally, Camso tracks are designed to fit with any off-roading machine, ensuring a smooth ride through Michigan's beautiful landscape.

Camso Tracks in Michigan

When discussing off-road activities in Michigan, one of the most popular options for nature enthusiasts is UTVing. However, as the state experiences snow and winter weather, UTV riding can be challenging due to tire limitations. That's where Camso tracks come in as a perfect solution for those who plan to drive their UTVs in Michigan. The high-quality design, featuring carbon steel and lightweight open frames, offers superior traction in snow, mud, and other debris.

Michigan also offers a range of trails for UTV drivers, from rugged terrains for thrill-seekers to smoother and more accessible routes for beginner drivers. During winter, the state experiences deep snow and rapid temperature drops, making the Camso tracks an ideal choice for a safe and enjoyable UTV experience.

Camso tracks in UTV

Popular destinations for UTV driving with Camso Tracks in Michigan

  • ORV Park in Mounds
  • Drummond Island
  • The Upper Peninsula land
  • The Manistee National Forest
  • Roscommon State Forest Area

ORV Park in Mounds

The ORV Park in Mounds offers muddy trails for those who want to explore the natural beauty of Michigan. The park has a vast selection of trails for drivers of all levels and needs. It is a popular destination for UTV drivers seeking a unique, challenging off-road experience. It is also an excellent place to test the limits of your Camso track. Some have reported getting stuck in mud pits, but if you want to ensure your safety and the safety of your UTV, the Camso tracks are the solution. Designed for drivers who want to tackle challenging terrains, the tracks provide excellent traction and stability, allowing you to explore the Mounds confidently.

Drummond Island

Drummond Island is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a plethora of natural beauty to explore. Hunting, fishing, and UTV driving are just a few ways to experience this largest freshwater island in the USA. Driving on Camso tracks through the island's forests is the best way to discover all its trails. Some trails are rugged and challenging, making them inaccessible with tires. Installing Camso tracks on your UTV is the best option if you want to drive on Drummond Island. The island also has muddy areas, but during winter, there are plenty of challenging terrains to conquer with your Camso tracks.

The Upper Peninsula

The wilderness terrain for UTV drivers is the Upper Peninsula, which has three regions: Eastern Region, Central Region, and Western Region, each with plenty of different trails to choose from. Located between Michigan Lake and Superior Lake, the Upper Peninsula offers trails for mud drivers and rugged terrains in deep forests. The top winter destination in the Upper Peninsula is the Eben Ice Caves, which can be reached by foot in 2-3 hours or faster with Camso tracks on your UTV.

Here are some of the most popular UTV trails where you can use your Camso Camso 4S1 & X4S track systems in the Upper Peninsula:

  • Baraga County
  • Gogebic County
  • Iron County  
  • Alger County
  • Dickinson County
  • ​Delta County
  • Marquette County
  • Chippewa County
  • Luce County
  • Mackinac County

The Manistee National Forest

Manistee is the national forest of Michigan, known as the deepest forest in Michigan, that provides so many activities for outdoor fans. But the UTV driving in those woods is the favorite. Most trails are muddy and rugged, so you must go with Camso tracks if you plan to go in the winter. Manistee National Forest has waterfalls and beautiful land views, so be sure you will have the best rides with Camso tracks in the Michigan mountains. This route is famous for a good reason. This Michigan region is worth the trip because of its natural beauty.

Roscommon State Forest Area

The stunning Roscommon State Forest Area, located in Au Sable State Forest, Michigan, is the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts. This forest area boasts breathtaking lake views, trails, mud pits, rocky terrains, and multiple UTV driving trails. The ideal way to test the capacity of your Camso tracks is on the forest's icy landscapes. The forest is filled with many muddy spots that can only be traversed with Camso tracks on your UTV. These tracks provide exceptional traction and stability, making even the most challenging terrains accessible in any weather. The last thing you want is to get stuck in the middle of the forest, but with Camso tracks, you won't have to worry about getting stuck.


The "alpine village" is located in beautiful Lower Peninsula Land, Ostego County. A small city where you can find good people and many outdoor activities in the mountains. The Gaylord area offers many trails, from smooth and easy to rugged and challenging. It depends on you which skill level you are at. Also, you can go there with your UTV friends for UTV touring and have so much fun on the trails. The Gaylord area has over 90 lakes, so if you are a fan of ice fishing, this area is perfect for you. The weather can be windy, and the temperatures can drop quickly, so prepare your cozy clothes and go on the Gaylord trails.

Should you buy Camso tracks for your UTV in Michigan?

The durability, good traction, and well-designed Camso tracks can take you to the most challenging Michigan forest terrains. Michigan has many mountains, forests, and lakes that can be the number one reason to go there and explore with Camso tracks. Upper Peninsula land, Lower Peninsula Land, Manistee National Forest, and Drummond Island are the top destinations where you can test the Camso tracks on your UTV. You can explore some popular UTV driving destinations without worries about trail situations. So download the trail map, install your Camso tracks, and you are ready to conquer the Michigan trails!