UTV Tracks, Camoplast & Camso UTV Tracks in Colorado

Why do you want to get Camso UTV Tracks in Colorado? The answer to this question is simple, because the Colorado mountains get a lot of snow. The snow we get in Colorado is often powdery and can reach 15 feet deep. With tracks on your UTV, that 15 feet deep snow is just a big playground, like a giant snow-covered bouncy castle for adults.

Being in Colorado in winter is amazing. There are very big mountains, including a group of them that are 14,000 feet and higher. This makes it so they get a lot of snow and keep that snow late into the summer. There is no other state that has this many high mountain peaks. So many cabins are high in the San Juan Mountains and if you have a UTV with tracks then you can just get to your cabin for many more months a year. Those tall mountains grab the snow from the clouds and hold on tight, like a clingy ex.

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Your UTV needs Camso Tracks when in Grand Mesa

Camso UTV tracks in Snow


You need Camso UTV Tracks when snowboarding, skiing, or sleigh riding on the Grand Mesa in Colorado. There are 800 square miles of riding in the snow on the Grand Mesa. Having Camso tracks opens up a whole new play area for you and your family. Snowmobiles can go in here, but it's way harder to take your family. With an average snowfall of 420 inches, think about that, 30 feet is 360 inches. No tracks on your UTV would make it hard to go in that deep snow. It's like trying to swim in quicksand, but colder.

There is a lot of winter on the Grand Mesa because it takes time for all that snow to melt. There are backcountry areas where you are allowed to take tracked vehicles in the snow that is foot traffic only in the summer. And if you like high country, this wilderness is near 10,500 feet. It's like being on top of the world, but with a lot more snow. So go ahead, get those Camso UTV tracks and turn the snowy mountains of Colorado into your own personal winter wonderland.


Rabbit Ears Pass/Steamboat Springs

UTVing up to Rabbit Ears Pass and even farther in can take a long time from where the roads are cut off in the winter. This even gets you into some of the Flat Tops Wilderness, which averages about 10,000 feet of elevation. Meaning, even in dry years, you get plenty of snow. This is a magical, beautiful place to take your UTV with tracks, just like a winter wonderland straight out of a fairytale. But don't forget to take plenty of extra gas because you can literally go a long way, like a never-ending snowball fight.

Wolf Creek Pass/Pagosa Springs

This can be one of Colorado's snowiest locations. Located in the Rio Grande National Forest, near the towns of Pagosa Springs and Del Norte. They do not let you take snowmobiles or UTV with tracks into the Rio Grande National Forest, like a snow-covered no man's land. But don't worry, there are plenty of other snowy places to explore out there.

Lake City in the San Juan Mountains

Lake City is a magical place in the winter. All the places in the big steep mountains of Colorado you need to be aware of avalanche danger, but maybe more here. It is a place that has many places you can take your Tracked UTV. From the high mountain passes to the low country. My favorite is Slumgullion Pass. Or maybe it is just a cool word to say. Ha ha! The low country near Lake City is like 8000 feet in elevation. But there is a lot of public land you can go on that is so beautiful. There are a lot of big game animals that winter near Blue Mesa reservoir. It might be a super cool place to see a lot of deer or elk from your tracked UTV. And if you have a cabin in these mountains, a UTV with tracks can change how much you can use your cabin, like a winter vacation home on wheels.

Camso Tracks on your UTV tows a snow groomer with ease.

A nice groomed trail or road can make getting to your cabin or playing in the above places way more fun. You can pull a snow groomer if you have tracks on your UTV and make the road to the cabin all smooth. I.e., get rid of the snowmobile whoops and make it as smooth as a baby's bottom. You can make a completely groomed sledding hill, which can be a blast, especially when you're racing your grandkids down it. Even in the deep snow, your UTV with tracks pulls a snow groomer up the hill, like a boss. Your grandkids, wife or girlfriend may love a smooth ride to the cabin, and it will make you the hero of the day.

Tracks get you places like a jeep does in the summer.

Our Commander with Camso Tracks

In Colorado, there are lots of trails made for ATVs and UTVs. In the summer, you get big fines and be in big trouble if you take your UTV off the road/trail, like a game of cat and mouse with the law. In the winter, you can ride on these trails and roads in the backcountry, and it is so beautiful. Just be careful of avalanches, like a wintertime Indiana Jones. With your Camso tracks, you can go millions of miles of extra places and have fun. You do not have to stay on the road. You can climb the steep hills. You can play in the mountains and in places that seem magical, like a wintertime Narnia.

Hauling the kids up the hill for sleigh rides

You can put a large sled behind your UTV with tracks and load kids in it, and they can get in and on your UTV, and you take them up, and they sled or tube down. This happens over and over and over or until the kids wear out. And the driver is usually not worn out, like a tireless wintertime superhero. With being able to pull a large sled up the hill with four kids in it and still having a fully loaded UTV, you can have large groups all enjoy the hill. We not only groom a great sledding hill and road, but we run multiple UTVs with tracks to haul people up and let them sled down.
When back in Utah, this happens almost every day in winter. We use our Camso tracks in Utah, the same way we do in Colorado, to explore the snowy mountains and have endless fun, whether it's hauling a snow groomer, taking the kids on sleigh rides, or just cruising through the backcountry. We have a Honda Pioneer 1000, a Polaris Ranger, and a Canam Defender, all with Camso tracks and can haul large loads on deep snow, like a wintertime army of UTVs.

The guys who sell the most Camso tracks in the world might be in Springville and Provo, Utah and that is not far from Colorado. Only 4 hours from Grand Junction, Colorado. We were told that we had bought larger quantities than any other dealer. We have sold hundreds of tracks, and they are so useful and change the winter into a much more fun time of year. Although that might be stretching it because we love our snowmobiles and the winter any way you cut it. We buy the tracks to sell by the full diesel truckload. So that when everyone else is backordered a month you can still get your Camso tracks from us, like a wintertime supplier of awesomeness.

They can be shipped to Colorado for not that much because Colorado is not far from our warehouse in Utah.

Knowing how fun and useful are UTV track systems, you should get one. In the last few years, by January, they are back ordered no matter how many more we think we need to order. People learn to love them. We continually resell the tracks to guys because they get a new UTV, and they plan on having tracks on their machines, like a wintertime upgrade. So don't wait, get your Camso tracks today and turn your UTV into a wintertime beast that can conquer any snow-covered terrain. And remember, with tracks, you're not just limited to the roads, you can go anywhere, like a wintertime explorer. Happy UTVing!