Tracks on Polaris General

The weight per square inch on the ground of trucks on a Polaris general is a very low number.

Once you put tracks on this machine because of its short wheel base and only 2 seats this thing can really go places in the snow.

Up quite steep it always has plenty of power because things are just not that heavy.

We have always said speed is your enemy and momentum is your friend. WE sense the tracks gear down your machine so much it does not seem like you get a lot of speed. 

But it does make a difference on where you can go.  The biggest issue on how steep up and even how much you side hill might be more of an issue of how daring are you more than where this machine can go in the snow.  

Of course going up is way easier in steep conditions than going down those same steep conditions because snow slides. 

You have to be careful of avalanches as they are not forgiving. 

But if you just want to go up the road to your cabin even in deep snow then this Polaris on tracks is a dream machine.

It is a great snow groomer because it haas plenty of power and does not get stuck easily even in deep powder. 

The heater is so nice while snow grooming and well you cannot describe what running around in a General with tracks is like. 

You need to try it out. 

It is an amazing experience and if you live in a place where it snows a lot then this just might be your ticket to fun and mobility in the winter.